About the Portfolios

Women Over 50

Having photographed girls and women for years now, I am very aware of the ways in which women are constantly evaluated and judged. This collection of work comes from my desire to explore what it means to be a woman over 50 in America today, with the conflicting emotions of feeling invisible to the world yet feeling more confident in myself, and my voice, than ever before. I began by photographing other women over 50 but early on realized that I needed to explore my own reality, and express my interpretation of growing older. The commonality of experience is at the heart of this work, and creating a space for women without judgement.

Girls and Women/Girls on the Brink

Girls on the Brink is work that I’ve produced between 2014 and now, when I really focused what I was looking at and trying to communicate about the transitional moments in girl’s and women’s lives and how they are evidenced through gesture and mannerisms both in social situations as well as in more intimate moments. 

Conflicting messages from family and friends, media and celebrity makes the transition from girlhood to womanhood a very complicated time of life. The ever-present social media, and the cell phone and its ability to capture life as it's unfolding, without the ability to edit themselves first, only adds to the stress. 

I started this project first to try to understand my own teenage daughters better, but then came to recognize that issues surrounding belonging and identity were ones that I had struggled with myself, and that I feel is a universal theme, and one I continue to explore in my work.

Nine Days with Christian

Jennifer, a mother of four, was pregnant with Christian, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a condition that causes serious birth defects, and one that babies usually do not survive. I was contacted by Cubby, the founder of Isaiah's Promise (see Above All, Faith-text below) who asked if I would do a pregnancy portrait of Jennifer and her family. While photographing the family that day, Jennifer asked if I would be there the day Christian was born, to capture whatever time the family would have with him. I was there when Christian was born, photographed his christening, and his short life of nine days. After Christian passed away, Jennifer asked me to come to the funeral for some last memories of the family's time with Christian.